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Trends Genet November 1, 2004; 20 (11): 570-7.

Van Gogh-like2 (Strabismus) and its role in planar cell polarity and convergent extension in vertebrates.

Torban E , Kor C , Gros P .

In the past two years, studies of Stbm genes (also known as Vangl2) and the proteins that they encode in mice, flies, frogs and fish have shown that they have a crucial role in regulating planar cell polarity and convergent extension movements. Combined genetic and biochemical analyses have pointed to signaling pathways where Stbm (Vangl2) proteins might act, and have identified several interacting proteins that form a crucial multi-protein signaling complex at the membrane. These studies show that these proteins have a pivotal role in a signaling cascade(s) that has been highly conserved in evolution. This review will summarize recent findings documenting the involvement of Stbm (Vangl2) and associated proteins in planar cell polarity, non-canonical Wnt signaling and convergent extension movements.

PubMed ID: 15475117
Article link: Trends Genet

Genes referenced: vangl1 vangl2

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