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Exp Cell Res August 1, 1984; 153 (2): 561-9.

Injected mitotic extracts induce condensation of interphase chromatin.

Halleck MS , Reed JA , Lumley-Sapanski K , Schlegel RA .

Although extracts from mitotic cells have been shown to induce chromosome condensation when injected into amphibian oocytes, they have not as yet been shown to induce this response in somatic interphase cells. In the experiments reported here, when mitotic extracts were injected into syncytial frog embryos, whose somatic nuclei were arrested in interphase, chromosome condensation was observed. The inability of interphase extracts, injected at similar concentrations, to induce this event demonstrates the cell cycle-specific accumulation of the factors responsible.

PubMed ID: 6734761
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