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Experientia July 15, 1984; 40 (7): 712-3.

Studies on three kinds of lectins from Xenopus laevis skin.

Nitta K , Takayanagi G , Terasaki Y , Kawauchi H .

Among skin extracts of various frogs, lectin activity was found only in fractions prepared from Xenopus laevis skin. 3 skin lectins have been separated. Among these, the lectin designated S2-Dlc was isolated in a homogeneous state and showed a preferential agglutination of Ehrlich and S-180 ascites tumor cells; other tumor cells and human erythrocytes were not agglutinated. The lectin-dependent agglutination was inhibited by D-fucose, L-arabinose, D-galactose, lactose and lactulose. The sugar specificity of this lectin is similar to that of the lectin from Xenopus laevis eggs which agglutinates Ehrlich and S-180 ascites cells.

PubMed ID: 6745400
Article link: Experientia

Genes referenced: dlc

Barondes, 1981, Pubmed [+]

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