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J Supramol Struct January 1, 1979; 11 (2): 189-95.

Mitotic factors from mammalian cells: a preliminary characterization.

Sunkara PS , Wright DA , Rao PN .

The objective of this study was the preliminary characterization of the factors from mitotic HeLa cells that can induce meiotic maturation in Xenopus laevis oocytes. We found that this factor is a heat-labile, Ca2+-sensitive, nondialyzable protein with a sedimentation value of 4-5S. Furthermore, no new protein synthesis was found to be required for this mitotic factor to induce maturation in the amphibian oocytes. These data suggest that the factors involved in the breakdown of nuclear membrane and the condensation of chromosomes that are associated with three different phenomena, mitosis, meiosis, and premature chromosome condensation, are very similar in different animal species.

PubMed ID: 44891
Article link: J Supramol Struct