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J Embryol Exp Morphol December 1, 1978; 48 101-8.

A method for isolating uncontaminated nuclei from all stages of developing Xenopus laevis embryos.

Farzaneh F , Pearson CK .

A method for isolating nuclei from Xenopus laevis embryos has been developed. This procedure enables the isolation of nuclei, free from contamination with yolk and pigment granules, at all stages of embryoic development. Using this method the nuclear yield is 60--70% of the estimated number of cells in the embryo. The DNA, RNA, histone and non-histone protein content of these nuclei during embryogenesis (from early cleavage to the swimming tadpole stage) has been measured.

PubMed ID: 370328
Article link: J Embryol Exp Morphol