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Ontogenez January 1, 1976; 7 (4): 397-401.

[Proliferative potentials of Xenopus laevis tadpole and toad optic thalamus nerve tissue cells following injury].

Reznikov KIu , Maliovanova SD .

After the injury of the thalamus right hemisphere in tadpoles and young frogs X. laevis, 3H-thymidine incorporated in the cells of the thalamus ventricular zone, but not in the middle and large neurons of the type of neurons of the trigeminal nerve mesencephalic nucleus and the large ganglion cells of VI and VIII layers of the thalamus cortex. The brain trauma in tadpoles resulted in the activation of cell proliferation in the ventricular zone, whereas in young frogs the proliferation of glyocytes was activated. The relation of the proliferative reaction of certain types of brain cells to the trauma to the loss of ability for brain regeneration is discussed.

PubMed ID: 1023086
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