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Chromosoma January 1, 1975; 50 (4): 349-69.

In situ hybridization of ribosomal DNA labelled with 125iodine to metaphase and lampbrush chromosomes from newts.

Hennen S , Mizuno S , Macgregor HC .

Methods are described for in situ hybridization of ribosomal DNA from Xenopus laevis, labelled in vitro with 125iodine, to mitotic and lampbrush chromosomes from Triturus cristatus carnifex. The hybridization reaction was carried out in a mixture containing 50% formamide, 4 X SSC, 0.1 M KI, at 37 degrees C, or in 2 X SSC, 0.1 M KI at 65 degrees C. Autoradiographs of mitotic metaphases from 2 males showed labelling over the middle of the short arm of one chromosome IX in each metaphase. In some cases, a region near the end of a longer chromosome was also labelled. In a lampbrush preparations, labelling was confined to a region identified as about 53 units, near the middle of the short arm of both halves of bivalent IX. The usefulness of the technique and the significance of the labelling of only 1 of the 2 chromosomes IX in mitotic preparations are discussed.

PubMed ID: 1097214
Article link: Chromosoma

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