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Dev Biol March 1, 2007; 303 (1): 157-64.

Erp1/Emi2 is essential for the meiosis I to meiosis II transition in Xenopus oocytes.

Ohe M , Inoue D , Kanemori Y , Sagata N .

Erp1 (also called Emi2), an inhibitor of the APC/C ubiquitin ligase, is a key component of cytostatic factor (CSF) responsible for Meta-II arrest in vertebrate eggs. Reportedly, however, Erp1 is expressed even during meiosis I in Xenopus oocytes. If so, it is a puzzle why normally maturing oocytes cannot arrest at Meta-I. Here, we show that actually Erp1 synthesis begins only around the end of meiosis I in Xenopus oocytes, and that specific inhibition of Erp1 synthesis by morpholino oligos prevents entry into meiosis II. Furthermore, we demonstrate that premature, ectopic expression of Erp1 at physiological Meta-II levels can arrest maturing oocytes at Meta-I. Thus, our results show the essential role for Erp1 in the meiosis I/meiosis II transition in Xenopus oocytes and can explain why normally maturing oocytes cannot arrest at Meta-I.

PubMed ID: 17141208
Article link: Dev Biol

Genes referenced: ccnb2 cdc27 cdk1 chek2 fbxo43 myc
Antibodies referenced: fbxo43 Ab1 fbxo43 Ab2
Morpholinos referenced: fbxo43 MO1 fbxo43 MO2 fbxo43 MO3 fbxo43 MO4 fbxo43 MO5 fbxo43 MO6 fbxo43 MO7 fbxo43 MO8 fbxo43 MO9

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