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J Med Chem April 22, 2004; 47 (9): 2176-9.

Selective, orally active gamma-aminobutyric acidA alpha5 receptor inverse agonists as cognition enhancers.

Sternfeld F , Carling RW , Jelley RA , Ladduwahetty T , Merchant KJ , Moore KW , Reeve AJ , Street LJ , O'Connor D , Sohal B , Atack JR , Cook S , Seabrook G , Wafford K , Tattersall FD , Collinson N , Dawson GR , Castro JL , MacLeod AM .

Nonselective inverse agonists at the gamma-aminobutyric acid(A) (GABA-A) benzodiazepine binding site have cognition-enhancing effects in animals but are anxiogenic and can precipitate convulsions. Herein, we describe novel GABA-A alpha5 subtype inverse agonists leading to the identification of 16 as an orally active, functionally selective compound that enhances cognition in animals without anxiogenic or convulsant effects. Compounds of this type may be useful in the symptomatic treatment of memory impairment associated with Alzheimer''s disease and related dementias.

PubMed ID: 15084116
Article link: J Med Chem

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