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J Biol Chem May 9, 2008; 283 (19): 12777-88.

Characterization of human SLC4A10 as an electroneutral Na/HCO3 cotransporter (NBCn2) with Cl- self-exchange activity.

Parker MD , Musa-Aziz R , Rojas JD , Choi I , Daly CM , Boron WF .

The SLC4A10 gene product, commonly known as NCBE, is highly expressed in rodent brain and has been characterized by others as a Na(+)-driven Cl-HCO(3) exchanger. However, some of the earlier data are not consistent with Na(+)-driven Cl-HCO(3) exchange activity. In the present study, northern blot analysis showed that, also in humans, NCBE transcripts are predominantly expressed in brain. In some human NCBE transcripts, splice cassettes A and/or B, originally reported in rats and mice, are spliced out. In brain cDNA, we found evidence of a unique partial splice of cassette B that is predicted to produce an NCBE protein with a novel C terminus containing a protein kinase C phosphorylation site. We used pH-sensitive microelectrodes to study the molecular physiology of human NCBE expressed in Xenopus oocytes. In agreement with others we found that NCBE mediates the 4,4''-diisothiocyanato-stilbene-2,2''-disulfonic acid-sensitive, Na(+)-dependent transport of HCO(3)(-). For the first time, we demonstrated that this transport process is electroneutral. Using Cl(-)-sensitive microelectrodes positioned at the oocyte surface, we found that, unlike both human and squid Na(+)-driven Cl-HCO(3) exchangers, human NCBE does not normally couple the net influx of HCO(3)(-) to a net efflux of Cl(-). Moreover we found that that the (36)Cl efflux from NCBE-expressing oocytes, interpreted by others to be coupled to the influx of Na(+) and HCO(3)(-), actually represents a CO(2)/HCO(3)(-)-stimulated Cl(-) self-exchange not coupled to either Na(+) or net HCO(3)(-) transport. We propose to rename NCBE as the second electroneutral Na/HCO(3) cotransporter, NBCn2.

PubMed ID: 18319254
PMC ID: PMC2442331
Article link: J Biol Chem
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Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: slc4a10

References [+] :
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