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Physiol Genomics August 15, 2008; 34 (3): 265-76.

Cloning and characterization of novel human SLC4A8 gene products encoding Na+-driven Cl-/HCO3(-) exchanger variants NDCBE-A, -C, and -D.

Parker MD , Bouyer P , Daly CM , Boron WF .

The reported sequences of the human and mouse Na+-driven Cl-/HCO3(-) exchangers (NDCBEs) differ greatly in their extreme cytosolic COOH termini (Ct). In human NDCBE (NDCBE-B), a 17-amino acid (aa) sequence replaces 66 aa at the equivalent position in mouse NDCBE (NDCBE-A). We performed 5''- and 3''-rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE) on human brain cDNA, followed by PCR of full-length cDNAs to determine whether the human SLC4A8 gene was capable of producing the mouselike Ct sequence. Our study confirmed the presence in human cDNA of mouse NDCBE-like transcripts (human NDCBE-A) and also disclosed the existence of three further novel NDCBE transcripts that we have called NDCBE-C, NDCBE-D, and NDCBE-D''. The novel NDCBE-C/D/D'' transcripts initiate at a novel "exon 0" positioned approximately 35 kb upstream of the first exon of NDCBE-A/B. NDCBE-C/D/D'' protein products are predicted to be truncated by 54 aa in the cytosolic NH(2) terminus (Nt) compared with NDCBE-A/B. Our data, combined with a new in silico analysis of partial transcripts reported by others in the region of the human SLC4A8 gene, increase the known extent of the SLC4A8 gene by 49 kb, to 124 kb. A functional comparison of NDCBE-A/B/C/D expressed in Xenopus oocytes demonstrates that the Nt variation does not affect the basal functional expression of NDCBE, but those with the shorter Ct have a 25-50% reduced functional expression compared with those with the longer Ct. By comparison with an artificially truncated NDCBE that contains neither 17-aa nor 66-aa Ct cassette, we determined that the functional difference is unrelated to the 66-aa cassette of NDCBE-A/C, but is instead due to an inhibitory effect of the 17-aa cassette of NDCBE-B/D.

PubMed ID: 18577713
PMC ID: PMC2519961
Article link: Physiol Genomics
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Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: slc4a8

References [+] :
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