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Gene Expr Patterns January 1, 2009; 9 (1): 43-9.

Zic2 is expressed in pluripotent cells in the blastocyst and adult brain expression overlaps with makers of neurogenesis.

Brown L , Brown S .

Members of the zic family of transcription factors are widely understood to act during neural patterning and neural crest development. In particular, studies in mice and humans have shown that Zic2 has a role in forebrain patterning, while studies in Xenopus and zebrafish have shown that Zic2 acts during gastrulation. Expression of Zic2 prior to gastrulation has not been reported in the mouse. In the adult, Zic2 is known to be strongly expressed in cerebellar granule cells, but expression elsewhere in the adult brain has not been reported. We present data showing that Zic2 is expressed in pluripotent cells during very early mouse development. Further, in the adult brain, Zic2 expression is broad and overlaps with markers of neurogenesis. The presence of Zic2 in pluripotent cells of the embryo as well as in dividing neural cells in the adult suggests that this transcription factor may have a role in maintaining pluripotency.

PubMed ID: 18755297
Article link: Gene Expr Patterns

Genes referenced: zic2

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