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Dev Dyn June 1, 2009; 238 (6): 1398-46.

Rapid gynogenetic mapping of Xenopus tropicalis mutations to chromosomes.

Khokha MK , Krylov V , Reilly MJ , Gall JG , Bhattacharya D , Cheung CY , Kaufman S , Lam DK , Macha J , Ngo C , Prakash N , Schmidt P , Tlapakova T , Trivedi T , Tumova L , Abu-Daya A , Geach T , Vendrell E , Ironfield H , Sinzelle L , Sater AK , Wells DE , Harland RM , Zimmerman LB .

Pilot forward genetic screens in Xenopus tropicalis have isolated over 60 recessive mutations. Here we present a simple method for mapping mutations to chromosomes using gynogenesis and centromeric markers. When coupled with available genomic resources, gross mapping facilitates evaluation of candidate genes as well as higher resolution linkage studies. Using gynogenesis, we have mapped the genetic locations of the 10 X. tropicalis centromeres, and performed fluorescence in situ hybridization to validate these locations cytologically. We demonstrate the use of this very small set of centromeric markers to map mutations efficiently to specific chromosomes. Developmental Dynamics 238:1398-1406, 2009. (c) 2009 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

PubMed ID: 19441086
PMC ID: PMC2962985
Article link: Dev Dyn
Grant support: 1R01DE018824 NIDCR NIH HHS, 7R01HD042276 NICHD NIH HHS , GM42341 NIGMS NIH HHSMedical Research Council , R01 DE018824-04 NIDCR NIH HHS, R01 GM042341-24 NIGMS NIH HHS , R01 HD042276-04 NICHD NIH HHS , R01 DE018824 NIDCR NIH HHS, MC_U117560482 Medical Research Council , R01 GM042341 NIGMS NIH HHS , R01 HD042276 NICHD NIH HHS , T32 GM007205 NIGMS NIH HHS , MRC_MC_U117560482 Medical Research Council

Genes referenced: epb41 ezh1 ezh2 fbxl7 gemin5 mast3 mat1a naif1 olig3 stat4 znf423

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