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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. March 2, 2010; 107 (9): 4194-9.

Macrophage Wnt7b is critical for kidney repair and regeneration.

Lin SL , Li B , Rao S , Yeo EJ , Hudson TE , Nowlin BT , Pei H , Chen L , Zheng JJ , Carroll TJ , Pollard JW , McMahon AP , Lang RA , Duffield JS .

Macrophages are required for tissue homeostasis through their role in regulation of the immune response and the resolution of injury. Here we show, using the kidney as a model, that the Wnt pathway ligand Wnt7b is produced by macrophages to stimulate repair and regeneration. When macrophages are inducibly ablated from the injured kidney, the canonical Wnt pathway response in kidney epithelial cells is reduced. Furthermore, when Wnt7b is somatically deleted in macrophages, repair of injury is greatly diminished. Finally, injection of the Wnt pathway regulator Dkk2 enhances the repair process and suggests a therapeutic option. Because Wnt7b is known to stimulate epithelial responses during kidney development, these findings suggest that macrophages are able to rapidly invade an injured tissue and reestablish a developmental program that is beneficial for repair and regeneration.

PubMed ID: 20160075
PMC ID: PMC2840080
Article link: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.
Grant support: CA131270 NCI NIH HHS , DK054364 NIDDK NIH HHS , DK73299 NIDDK NIH HHS , DK84077 NIDDK NIH HHS , DK87389 NIDDK NIH HHS , EY15766 NEI NIH HHS , EY17848 NEI NIH HHS , R01S EY16241 NEI NIH HHS

Genes referenced: csf1r dkk2 fzd4 gal.2 lrp5 lrp6 wnt7b

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