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Development. April 1, 2011; 138 (7): 1321-7.

RACK1 is a novel interaction partner of PTK7 that is required for neural tube closure.

Wehner P , Shnitsar I , Urlaub H , Borchers A .

RACK1 is an evolutionarily conserved intracellular adaptor protein that is involved in a wide range of processes including cell adhesion and migration; however, its role in vertebrate development is largely unknown. Here, we identify RACK1 as a novel interaction partner of PTK7, a regulator of planar cell polarity that is necessary for neural tube closure. RACK1 is likewise required for Xenopus neural tube closure. Further, explant assays suggest that PTK7 and RACK1 are required for neural convergent extension. Mechanistically, RACK1 is necessary for the PTK7-mediated membrane localization of Dishevelled (DSH). RACK1 facilitates the PTK7-DSH interaction by recruiting PKCĪ“1, a known effector of DSH membrane translocation. These data place RACK1 in a novel signaling cascade that translocates DSH to the plasma membrane and regulates vertebrate neural tube closure.

PubMed ID: 21350015
Article link: Development.

Genes referenced: actl6a dvl2 myc ptk7 rack1
Morpholinos referenced: gnb2l1 MO1 gnb2l1 MO2 ptk7 MO2 ptk7 MO4

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