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ACS Chem Biol January 20, 2012; 7 (1): 185-96.

Selective aurora kinase inhibitors identified using a taxol-induced checkpoint sensitivity screen.

Kwiatkowski N , Deng X , Wang J , Tan L , Villa F , Santaguida S , Huang HC , Mitchison T , Musacchio A , Gray N .

The members of the Aurora kinase family play critical roles in the regulation of the cell cycle and mitotic spindle assembly and have been intensively investigated as potential targets for a new class of anticancer drugs. We describe a new highly potent and selective class of Aurora kinase inhibitors discovered using a phenotypic cellular screen. Optimized inhibitors display many of the hallmarks of Aurora inhibition including endoreduplication, polyploidy, and loss of cell viability in cancer cells. Structure-activity relationships with respect to kinome-wide selectivity and guided by an Aurora B co-crystal structure resulted in the identification of key selectivity determinants and discovery of a subseries with selectivity toward Aurora A. A direct comparison of biochemical and cellular profiles with respect to published Aurora inhibitors including VX-680, AZD1152, MLN8054, and a pyrimidine-based compound from Genentech demonstrates that compounds 1 and 3 will become valuable additional pharmacological probes of Aurora-dependent functions.

PubMed ID: 21992004
PMC ID: PMC3262907
Article link: ACS Chem Biol
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Genes referenced: aurka aurkb

Abe, 2006, Pubmed [+]

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