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Methods August 15, 2014; 69 (1): 58-66.

A highly effective TALEN-mediated approach for targeted gene disruption in Xenopus tropicalis and zebrafish.

Liu Y , Luo D , Lei Y , Hu W , Zhao H , Cheng CH .

Transcription activator like effector nucleases (TALENs) is a promising approach to disrupt intended genomic loci. The assembly of highly effective TALENs is critical for successful genome editing. Recently we reported a convenient and robust platform to construct customized TALENs. The TALENs generated by this platform have been proven to be highly effective for gene disruption in Xenopus tropicalis and zebrafish as well as large genomic deletions in zebrafish. The one-time success rate of targeted gene disruption is about 90% for more than 100 genomic loci tested, with the mutation frequencies often reaching above 50%. Here we describe the validated protocol for TALEN assembly, methods for generating gene knockout animals in X. tropicalis and zebrafish, as well as the protocol for engineering large genomic deletions in zebrafish.

PubMed ID: 24556556
Article link: Methods