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Mol Cell Biol April 1, 2013; 33 (8): 1528-45.

Multiparametric analysis of CLASP-interacting protein functions during interphase microtubule dynamics.

Long JB , Bagonis M , Lowery LA , Lee H , Danuser G , Van Vactor D .

The microtubule (MT) plus-end tracking protein (+TIP) CLASP mediates dynamic cellular behaviors and interacts with numerous cytoplasmic proteins. While the influence of some CLASP interactors on MT behavior is known, a comprehensive survey of the proteins in the CLASP interactome as MT regulators is missing. Ultimately, we are interested in understanding how CLASP collaborates with functionally linked proteins to regulate MT dynamics. Here, we utilize multiparametric analysis of time-lapse MT +TIP imaging data acquired in Drosophila melanogaster S2R+ cells to assess the effects on individual microtubule dynamics for RNA interference-mediated depletion of 48 gene products previously identified to be in vivo genetic CLASP interactors. While our analysis corroborates previously described functions of several known CLASP interactors, its multiparametric resolution reveals more detailed functional profiles (fingerprints) that allow us to precisely classify the roles that CLASP-interacting genes play in MT regulation. Using these data, we identify subnetworks of proteins with novel yet overlapping MT-regulatory roles and also uncover subtle distinctions between the functions of proteins previously thought to act via similar mechanisms.

PubMed ID: 23382075
PMC ID: PMC3624261
Article link: Mol Cell Biol
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