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Elife July 9, 2015; 4

Structure and functional properties of Norrin mimic Wnt for signalling with Frizzled4, Lrp5/6, and proteoglycan.

Chang TH , Hsieh FL , Zebisch M , Harlos K , Elegheert J , Jones EY .


PubMed ID: 26158506
PMC ID: PMC4497409
Article link: Elife
Grant support: 10976 Cancer Research UK, 090532/Z/09/Z Wellcome Trust , C375/A10976 Cancer Research UK, G0900084 Medical Research Council , CRUK_10976 Cancer Research UK

Genes referenced: bmp2 bmp7.1 c9orf3 flt4 frzb frzb2 fst fzd4 fzd8 lrp5 mbp mstn.1 musk ncr3 ndp nog pam pdgfa rho rho.2 sfrp1 sfrp2 sfrp4 sfrp5 smo spr szl tbx2 vegfa vegfc wnt8a

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