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Dev Cell August 10, 2015; 34 (3): 373-8.

Enzymatically Generated CRISPR Libraries for Genome Labeling and Screening.

Lane AB , Strzelecka M , Ettinger A , Grenfell AW , Wittmann T , Heald R .

CRISPR-based technologies have emerged as powerful tools to alter genomes and mark chromosomal loci, but an inexpensive method for generating large numbers of RNA guides for whole genome screening and labeling is lacking. Using a method that permits library construction from any source of DNA, we generated guide libraries that label repetitive loci or a single chromosomal locus in Xenopus egg extracts and show that a complex library can target the E. coli genome at high frequency.

PubMed ID: 26212133
PMC ID: PMC4536113
Article link: Dev Cell
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Altschul, Basic local alignment search tool. 1990, Pubmed

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