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Nat Commun March 8, 2016; 7 10909.

Cadherin-11 localizes to focal adhesions and promotes cell-substrate adhesion.

Langhe RP , Gudzenko T , Bachmann M , Becker SF , Gonnermann C , Winter C , Abbruzzese G , Alfandari D , Kratzer MC , Franz CM , Kashef J .

Cadherin receptors have a well-established role in cell-cell adhesion, cell polarization and differentiation. However, some cadherins also promote cell and tissue movement during embryonic development and tumour progression. In particular, cadherin-11 is upregulated during tumour and inflammatory cell invasion, but the mechanisms underlying cadherin-11 stimulated cell migration are still incompletely understood. Here, we show that cadherin-11 localizes to focal adhesions and promotes adhesion to fibronectin in Xenopus neural crest, a highly migratory embryonic cell population. Transfected cadherin-11 also localizes to focal adhesions in different mammalian cell lines, while endogenous cadherin-11 shows focal adhesion localization in primary human fibroblasts. In focal adhesions, cadherin-11 co-localizes with β1-integrin and paxillin and physically interacts with the fibronectin-binding proteoglycan syndecan-4. Adhesion to fibronectin mediated by cadherin-11/syndecan-4 complexes requires both the extracellular domain of syndecan-4, and the transmembrane and cytoplasmic domains of cadherin-11. These results reveal an unexpected role of a classical cadherin in cell-matrix adhesion during cell migration.

PubMed ID: 26952325
PMC ID: PMC4786774
Article link: Nat Commun
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Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: cad ctnnb1 ctnnd1 fn1 itgb1 myc pxn sdc4 slc12a3 vcl
Morpholinos: cdh11 MO1 cdh11 MO2 sdc4 MO1 sdc4 MO2

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References [+] :
Alfandari, Integrin alpha5beta1 supports the migration of Xenopus cranial neural crest on fibronectin. 2003, Pubmed, Xenbase