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Gene Expr Patterns May 1, 2003; 3 (2): 123-6.

Tcf-1 expression during Xenopus development.

Roël G , van den Broek O , Spieker N , Peterson-Maduro J , Destrée O .

We report the cloning and expression of Xenopus Tcf-1. The amino acid sequence of Tcf-1 of Xenopus laevis and Xenopus tropicalis is closely related to that of chicken, mouse and man. Thus, the family of Tcf/Lef proteins in the amphibian Xenopus comprises four members as in higher vertebrates. RT-PCR analysis revealed that Tcf-1 RNA encoding a beta-catenin binding isoform is maternally present as well as throughout early development. Different transcripts are expressed by alternative splicing. In cleavage and blastula stage embryos, Tcf-1 RNA is present at high levels in the animal hemisphere. During gastrulation Tcf-1 is differentially expressed with high levels in the animal cap and most of the marginal zone except for a narrow domain around the blastopore. At neurula stages expression is predominant in the neural plate. At tailbud stages expression is localized in specific areas of the brain, in the eyes, the otic vesicle, branchial arches and head mesenchyme, somites, tailbud, pronephros and pronephric duct.

PubMed ID: 12711535
Article link: Gene Expr Patterns

Genes referenced: foxg1 lef1 odc1 pax2 tbx2 tcf7

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