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Elife. January 1, 2017; 6

Dual control of pcdh8l/PCNS expression and function in Xenopus laevis neural crest cells by adam13/33 via the transcription factors tfap2α and arid3a.

Khedgikar V , Abbruzzese G , Mathavan K , Szydlo H , Cousin H , Alfandari D .


PubMed ID: 28829038
PMC ID: PMC5601995
Article link: Elife.
Grant support: F31 DE023275 NIDCR NIH HHS, T32 GM008515 NIGMS NIH HHS , R01 DE016289 NIDCR NIH HHS, R03 DE025692 NIDCR NIH HHS, R24 OD021485 NIH HHS

Genes referenced: adam19 adam33 adam9 arid3a ctnnb1 fn1 foxd3 gapdh myc pcdh8 pcdh8l prl.2 rpn1 smad2 smad7 snai2 tfap2a yy1

Antibodies referenced: Adam33 Ab1 Adam33 Ab3 Adam33 Ab6 Adam33 Ab7 FLAG Ab3 Pcdh8l Ab1 Rpn1 Ab1 Tfap2a Ab1
Morpholinos referenced: adam33 MO3 arid3a MO1 ctnnb1 MO1 foxd3 MO1 pcdh8l MO1 pcdh8l MO2 smad2 MO1 smad2 MO2 tfap2a MO1

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