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Dev Cell January 1, 2018; 45 (5): 637-650.e7.

Cyclin A-cdk1-Dependent Phosphorylation of Bora Is the Triggering Factor Promoting Mitotic Entry.

Vigneron S , Sundermann L , Labbé JC , Pintard L , Radulescu O , Castro A , Lorca T .

Mitosis is induced by the activation of the cyclin B/cdk1 feedback loop that creates a bistable state. The triggering factor promoting active cyclin B/cdk1 switch has been assigned to cyclin B/cdk1 accumulation during G2. However, this complex is rapidly inactivated by Wee1/Myt1-dependent phosphorylation of cdk1 making unlikely a triggering role of this kinase in mitotic commitment. Here we show that cyclin A/cdk1 kinase is the factor triggering mitosis. Cyclin A/cdk1 phosphorylates Bora to promote Aurora A-dependent Plk1 phosphorylation and activation and mitotic entry. We demonstrate that Bora phosphorylation by cyclin A/cdk1 is both necessary and sufficient for mitotic commitment. Finally, we identify a site in Bora whose phosphorylation by cyclin A/cdk1 is required for mitotic entry. We constructed a mathematical model confirming the essential role of this kinase in mitotic commitment. Overall, our results uncover the molecular mechanism by which cyclin A/cdk1 triggers mitotic entry.

PubMed ID: 29870721
Article link: Dev Cell

Genes referenced: bora cdk1 plk1

Zheng, 2018, Pubmed

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