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Gen Comp Endocrinol January 1, 2019; 277 122-129.

Loss of Gsdf leads to a dysregulation of Igf2bp3-mediated oocyte development in medaka.

Wu X , Zhang Y , Xu S , Chang Y , Ye Y , Guo A , Kang Y , Guo H , Xu H , Chen L , Zhao X , Guan G .

Gonadal soma-derived factor (Gsdf) is a unique TGF-β factor essential for both ovarian and testicular development in Hd-rR medaka (Oryzias latipes). However, the downstream genes regulated by Gsdf signaling remain unknown. Using a high-throughput proteomic approach, we identified a significant increase in the expression of the RNA-binding protein Igf2bp3 in gsdf-deficient ovaries. We verified this difference in transcription and protein expression against normal gonads using real-time PCR quantification and Western blotting. The genomic structure of igf2bp3 and the syntenic flanking segments are highly conserved across fish and mammals. igf2bp3 expression was correlated with oocyte development, which is consistent with the expression of the igf2bp3 ortholog Vg1-RBP/Vera in Xenopus. In contrast to the normal ovary, cysts of H3K27me3- and Igf2bp3-positive germ cells were dramatically increased in the one-month-old gsdf-deficient ovary, indicating that the gsdf depletion led to a dysregulation of Igf2bp3-mediated oocyte development. Our results provide novel insights into the Gsdf-Igf2bp3 signaling mechanisms that underlie the fundamental process of gametogenesis; these mechanisms may be well conserved across phyla.

PubMed ID: 30951723
Article link: Gen Comp Endocrinol

Genes referenced: gdf1 igf2bp3

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