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New Phytol January 1, 2020; 225 (4): 1667-1680.

A wheat transcription factor positively sets seed vigour by regulating the grain nitrate signal.

Li W , He X , Chen Y , Jing Y , Shen C , Yang J , Teng W , Zhao X , Hu W , Hu M , Li H , Miller AJ , Tong Y .

Seed vigour and early establishment are important factors determining the yield of crops. A wheat nitrate-inducible NAC transcription factor, TaNAC2, plays a critical role in promoting crop growth and nitrogen use efficiency (NUE), and now its role in seed vigour is revealed. A TaNAC2 regulated gene was identified that is a NRT2-type nitrate transporter TaNRT2.5 with a key role in seed vigour. Overexpressing TaNAC2-5A increases grain nitrate concentration and seed vigour by directly binding to the promoter of TaNRT2.5-3B and positively regulating its expression. TaNRT2.5 is expressed in developing grain, particularly the embryo and husk. In Xenopus oocyte assays TaNRT2.5 requires a partner protein TaNAR2.1 to give nitrate transport activity, and the transporter locates to the tonoplast in a tobacco leaf transient expression system. Furthermore, in the root TaNRT2.5 and TaNRT2.1 function in post-anthesis acquisition of soil nitrate. Overexpression of TaNRT2.5-3B increases seed vigour, grain nitrate concentration and yield, whereas RNA interference of TaNRT2.5 has the opposite effects. The TaNAC2-NRT2.5 module has a key role in regulating grain nitrate accumulation and seed vigour. Both genes can potentially be used to improve grain yield and NUE in wheat.

PubMed ID: 31581317
PMC ID: PMC7004088
Article link: New Phytol
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Genes referenced: btg3 nlrp1

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References [+] :
Alboresi, Nitrate, a signal relieving seed dormancy in Arabidopsis. 2005, Pubmed

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