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Sci Rep January 1, 2019; 9 (1): 8275.
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Znf703 is a novel RA target in the neural plate border.

Janesick A , Tang W , Ampig K , Blumberg B .

Znf703 is an RAR- and Wnt-inducible transcription factor that exhibits a complex expression pattern in the developing embryo: Znf703 mRNA is found in the early circumblastoporal ring, then later throughout the neural plate and its border, and subsequently in the mid/hindbrain and somites. We show that Znf703 has a different and separable function in early mesoderm versus neural crest and placode development. Independent of its early knockdown phenotype on Gdf3 and Wnt8, Znf703 disrupts patterning of distinct neural crest migratory streams normally delineated by Sox10, Twist, and Foxd3 and inhibits otocyst formation and otic expression of Sox10 and Eya1. Furthermore, Znf703 promotes massive overgrowth of SOX2+ cells, disrupting the SoxB1 balance at the neural plate border. Despite prominent expression in other neural plate border-derived cranial and sensory domains, Znf703 is selectively absent from the otocyst, suggesting that Znf703 must be specifically cleared or down-regulated for proper otic development. We show that mutation of the putative Groucho-repression domain does not ameliorate Znf703 effects on mesoderm, neural crest, and placodes. We instead provide evidence that Znf703 requires the Buttonhead domain for transcriptional repression.

PubMed ID: 31164691
Article link: Sci Rep

Genes referenced: eya1 foxd3 gdf3 rab40b sox10 twist1 wnt8a znf703

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