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Neurochem Res July 24, 2021;
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The Lepidopteran KAAT1 and CAATCH1: Orthologs to Understand Structure-Function Relationships in Mammalian SLC6 Transporters.

Castagna M , Cinquetti R , Verri T , Vacca F , Giovanola M , Barca A , Romanazzi T , Roseti C , Galli A , Bossi E .

To the SLC6 family belong 20 human transporters that utilize the sodium electrochemical gradient to move biogenic amines, osmolytes, amino acids and related compounds into cells. They are classified into two functional groups, the Neurotransmitter transporters (NTT) and Nutrient amino acid transporters (NAT). Here we summarize how since their first cloning in 1998, the insect (Lepidopteran) Orthologs of the SLC6 family transporters have represented very important tools for investigating functional-structural relationships, mechanism of transport, ion and pH dependence and substate interaction of the mammalian (and human) counterparts.

PubMed ID: 34304372
Article link: Neurochem Res
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Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: slc6a1 slc6a11 slc6a12 slc6a13 slc6a14.1 slc6a14.2 slc6a15 slc6a16 slc6a17 slc6a19 slc6a2 slc6a20 slc6a3 slc6a4 slc6a5 slc6a6 slc6a8 slc6a9

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