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Eur J Immunol. June 1, 2002; 32 (6): 1574-83.

Identification and characterization of Xenopus CD8+ T cells expressing an NK cell-associated molecule.

Rau L , Gantress J , Bell A , Stewart R , Horton T , Cohen N , Horton J , Robert J .

Growing evidence suggests that some immune responses are mediated not only by conventional and distinct NK cells and CTL, but also by T cell subsets expressing NK receptors and NK cell-associated molecules. Consistent with our previously published finding that the mAb 1F8 identifies non-T/non-B cells in Xenopus that effect NK-like killing in vitro, we now report that in vivo treatment with this mAb impairs rejection of transplanted MHC class I-negative tumor cells. However, we also find that the NK cell-associated molecule recognized by mAb 1F8 is expressed by a minor population of CD8+ T cells, in which fully rearranged TCRbeta mRNA of at least three different V families can be identified, by contrast, 1F8+/CD8- (NK) cells lack such TCRbeta message. Additionally, the expression of the NK cell-associated molecule can be induced in vitro by a transient submitogenic stimulation of naïve CD8+ T cells with PMA and ionomycin. Such induced expression of 1F8 also occurs in alloantigen-activated CTL and is coincident with a down-regulation of MHC-specific cytotoxicity. Taken together, these new data suggest that regulation of CD8+ T cell activity involving NK cell-associated molecules is a general and evolutionarily ancient phenomenon.

PubMed ID: 12115640
Article link: Eur J Immunol.
Grant support: R01 AI-44011 NIAID NIH HHS , R01 CA-76312 NCI NIH HHS

Genes referenced: mhc1a

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