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Nat Cell Biol. April 1, 2002; 4 (4): 302-6.

Myosin IXb is a single-headed minus-end-directed processive motor.

Inoue A , Saito J , Ikebe R , Ikebe M .

Myosin is an actin-based molecular motor that constitutes a diverse superfamily. In contrast to conventional myosin, which binds to actin for only a short time during cross-bridge cycling, recent studies have demonstrated that class V myosin moves along actin filaments for a long distance without dissociating. This would make it suitable for supporting cargo movement in cells. Because myosin V has a two-headed structure with an expanded neck domain, it has been postulated to ''walk'' along the 36-nm helical repeat of the actin filament, with one head attached to the actin and leading the other head to the neighbouring helical pitch. Here, we report that myosin IXb, a single-headed myosin, moves processively on actin filaments. Furthermore, we found that myosin IXb is a minus-end-directed motor. In addition to class VI myosin, this is the first myosin superfamily member identified that moves in the reverse direction. The processive movement of the single-headed myosin IXb cannot be explained by a ''hand-over-hand'' mechanism. This suggests that an alternative mechanism must be operating for the processive movement of single-headed myosin IXb.

PubMed ID: 11901422
Article link: Nat Cell Biol.

Genes referenced: actl6a

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