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Neuron February 28, 2002; 33 (5): 741-50.

Regulation of rho GTPases by crosstalk and neuronal activity in vivo.

Li Z , Aizenman CD , Cline HT .

Proper development of neurons depends on synaptic activity, but the mechanisms of activity-dependent neuronal growth are not well understood. The small GTPases, RhoA, Rac, and Cdc42, regulate neuronal morphogenesis by controlling the assembly and stability of the actin cytoskeleton. We report an in situ method to determine endogenous Rho GTPase activity in intact Xenopus brain. We use this method to provide evidence for crosstalk between Rho GTPases in optic tectal cells. Moreover, crosstalk between the Rho GTPases appears to affect dendritic arbor development in vivo. Finally, we demonstrate that optic nerve stimulation regulates Rho GTPase activity in a glutamate receptor-dependent manner. These data suggest a link between glutamate receptor function, Rho GTPase activity, and dendritic arbor growth in the intact animal.

PubMed ID: 11879651
Article link: Neuron

Genes referenced: actl6a akt1 cdc42 rac1 rho rho.2 rhoa

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