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Mech Dev January 1, 2002; 110 (1-2): 209-11.

The Xiro-repressed gene CoREST is expressed in Xenopus neural territories.

The iroquois (iro) genes encode evolutionary conserved homeoproteins that participate in many developmental processes [reviewed in Development 128 (2001) 2847]. In Xenopus, the Iro protein Xiro1 is a repressor, required during gastrulation for neural plate formation, that downregulates Bmp4. During neurulation, Xiro1 participates in the pattering of the neuroectoderm. In this work, we report the cloning and pattern of expression of XCoREST, another gene repressed by Xiro1. During Xenopus development, XCoREST is expressed in territories in which neurogenesis takes place.

PubMed ID: 11744385
Article link: Mech Dev

Species referenced: Xenopus
Genes referenced: bmp4 dll1 irx1 neurog2 rcor1 rcor2 tubb2b

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