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J Mol Biol. March 17, 2006; 357 (1): 275-91.

Induced fit and "lock and key" recognition of 5S RNA by zinc fingers of transcription factor IIIA.

Lee BM , Xu J , Clarkson BK , Martinez-Yamout MA , Dyson HJ , Case DA , Gottesfeld JM , Wright PE .

Transcription factor IIIA (TFIIIA) is a Cys2His2 zinc finger protein that regulates expression of the 5 S ribosomal RNA gene by binding specifically to the internal control element. TFIIIA also functions in transport and storage of 5 S RNA by binding directly to the RNA transcript. To obtain insights into the mechanism by which TFIIIA recognizes 5 S RNA, we determined the solution structure of the middle three zinc fingers bound to the central core of 5 S RNA. Finger 4 utilizes "lock and key" recognition to bind in the widened major groove of the pre-structured RNA loop E motif. This interaction is mediated by direct hydrogen bonding interactions with bases. In contrast, recognition of loop A, a flexible junction of three helices, occurs by an induced fit mechanism that involves reorganization of the conserved CAUA motif and structuring of the finger 5-finger 6 interface to form a complementary RNA binding surface.

PubMed ID: 16405997
Article link: J Mol Biol.
Grant support: F32 GM20011 NIGMS NIH HHS , GM36643 NIGMS NIH HHS

Genes referenced: gtf3a

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