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FEBS Lett January 9, 2006; 580 (1): 239-44.

Activation of pannexin 1 channels by ATP through P2Y receptors and by cytoplasmic calcium.

Locovei S , Wang J , Dahl G .

The ability for long-range communication through intercellular calcium waves is inherent to cells of many tissues. A dual propagation mode for these waves includes passage of IP3 through gap junctions as well as an extracellular pathway involving ATP. The wave can be regenerative and include ATP-induced ATP release via an unknown mechanism. Here, we show that pannexin 1 channels can be activated by extracellular ATP acting through purinergic receptors of the P2Y group as well as by cytoplasmic calcium. Based on its properties, including ATP permeability, pannexin 1 may be involved in both initiation and propagation of calcium waves.

PubMed ID: 16364313
Article link: FEBS Lett
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Genes referenced: panx1

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