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Cell Proliferation Analysis during Xenopus Metamorphosis: Using 5-Ethynyl-2-Deoxyuridine (EdU) to Stain Proliferating Intestinal Cells.
Okada M, Shi YB.
Cold Spring Harb Protoc. September 1, 2017; 2017 (9): pdb.prot097717.

Mechanics of Fluid-Filled Interstitial Gaps. II. Gap Characteristics in Xenopus Embryonic Ectoderm.
Barua D, Parent SE, Winklbauer R.
Biophys J. August 22, 2017; 113 (4): 923-936.

The Design Space of the Embryonic Cell Cycle Oscillator.
Mattingly HH, Sheintuch M, Shvartsman SY.
Biophys J. August 8, 2017; 113 (3): 743-752.

Digital dissection of the model organism Xenopus laevis using contrast-enhanced computed tomography.
Porro LB, Richards CT.
J Anat. August 1, 2017; 231 (2): 169-191.

Charged Antimicrobial Peptides Can Translocate across Membranes without Forming Channel-like Pores.
Ulmschneider JP.
Biophys J. July 11, 2017; 113 (1): 73-81.

Maitotoxin Is a Potential Selective Activator of the Endogenous Transient Receptor Potential Canonical Type 1 Channel in Xenopus laevis Oocytes.
Flores PL, Rodríguez E, Zapata E, Carbó R, Farías JM, Martínez M.
Mar Drugs. June 25, 2017; 15 (7):

The Nup62 Coiled-Coil Motif Provides Plasticity for Triple-Helix Bundle Formation.
Dewangan PS, Sonawane PJ, Chouksey AR, Chauhan R.
Biochemistry. June 6, 2017; 56 (22): 2803-2811.

Analysis of Active Transport by Fluorescence Recovery after Photobleaching.
Ciocanel MV, Kreiling JA, Gagnon JA, Mowry KL, Sandstede B.
Biophys J. April 25, 2017; 112 (8): 1714-1725.

The Proton Responsiveness in the Extracellular Domain of GLIC Differs in the Presence of the ELIC Transmembrane Domain.
Alqazzaz MA, Price KL, Lummis SCR.
Biochemistry. April 18, 2017; 56 (15): 2134-2138.

Probing for and Quantifying Agonist Hydrogen Bonds in α6β2 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors.
Post MR, Lester HA, Dougherty DA.
Biochemistry. April 4, 2017; 56 (13): 1836-1840.

Chromatin tethering to the nuclear envelope by nuclear actin filaments: a novel role of the actin cytoskeleton in the Xenopus blastula.
Oda H, Shirai N, Ura N, Ohsumi K, Iwabuchi M.
Genes Cells. April 1, 2017; 22 (4): 376-391.

Role of Pore-Lining Residues in Defining the Rate of Water Conduction by Aquaporin-0.
Saboe PO, Rapisarda C, Kaptan S, Hsiao YS, Summers SR, De Zorzi R, Dukovski D, Yu J, de Groot BL, Kumar M, Walz T.
Biophys J. March 14, 2017; 112 (5): 953-965.

Global decay of mRNA is a hallmark of apoptosis in aging Xenopus eggs.
Tokmakov AA, Iguchi S, Iwasaki T, Fukami Y, Sato KI.
RNA Biol. March 4, 2017; 14 (3): 339-346.

Single-Molecule Investigations on Histone H2A-H2B Dynamics in the Nucleosome.
Lee J, Lee TH.
Biochemistry. February 21, 2017; 56 (7): 977-985.

HMGB1 Stimulates Activity of Polymerase β on Nucleosome Substrates.
Balliano A, Hao F, Njeri C, Balakrishnan L, Hayes JJ.
Biochemistry. January 31, 2017; 56 (4): 647-656.

Intracellular Requirements for Passive Proton Transport through the Na(+),K(+)-ATPase.
Stanley KS, Meyer DJ, Gatto C, Artigas P.
Biophys J. December 6, 2016; 111 (11): 2430-2439.

Tryptophan and Cysteine Mutations in M1 Helices of α1β3γ2L γ-Aminobutyric Acid Type A Receptors Indicate Distinct Intersubunit Sites for Four Intravenous Anesthetics and One Orphan Site.
Nourmahnad A, Stern AT, Hotta M, Stewart DS, Ziemba AM, Szabo A, Forman SA.
Anesthesiology. December 1, 2016; 125 (6): 1144-1158.

Sodium Channel Mutations and Pyrethroid Resistance in Aedes aegypti.
Du Y, Nomura Y, Zhorov BS, Dong K.
Insects. October 31, 2016; 7 (4):

Novel Conopeptides of Largely Unexplored Indo Pacific Conus sp.
Lebbe EK, Ghequire MG, Peigneur S, Mille BG, Devi P, Ravichandran S, Waelkens E, D'Souza L, De Mot R, Tytgat J.
Mar Drugs. October 27, 2016; 14 (11):

Neurotransmitter signaling pathways required for normal development in Xenopus laevis embryos: a pharmacological survey screen.
Sullivan KG, Levin M.
J Anat. October 1, 2016; 229 (4): 483-502.

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