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The North American bullfrog draft genome provides insight into hormonal regulation of long noncoding RNA.
Hammond SA, Warren RL, Vandervalk BP, Kucuk E, Khan H, Gibb EA, Pandoh P, Kirk H, Zhao Y, Jones M, Mungall AJ, Coope R, Pleasance S, Moore RA, Holt RA, Round JM, Ohora S, Walle BV, Veldhoen N, Helbing CC, Birol I.
Nat Commun. November 15, 2017; 8 (1): 1433.

Visualization and quantification of injury to the ciliated epithelium using quantitative flow imaging and speckle variance optical coherence tomography.
Gamm UA, Huang BK, Mis EK, Khokha MK, Choma MA.
Sci Rep. November 15, 2017; 7 (1): 15115.

Maternal Gdf3 is an obligatory cofactor in nodal signaling for embryonic axis formation in zebrafish.
Bisgrove BW, Su YC, Yost HJ.
Elife. November 15, 2017; 6

Crystal structures of the mitochondrial deacylase Sirtuin 4 reveal isoform-specific acyl recognition and regulation features.
Pannek M, Simic Z, Fuszard M, Meleshin M, Rotili D, Mai A, Schutkowski M, Steegborn C.
Nat Commun. November 15, 2017; 8 (1): 1513.

A Nonredundant Role for the TRPM6 Channel in Neural Tube Closure.
Komiya Y, Bai Z, Cai N, Lou L, Al-Saadi N, Mezzacappa C, Habas R, Runnels LW.
Sci Rep. November 15, 2017; 7 (1): 15623.

Phosphorylation Dynamics Dominate the Regulated Proteome during Early Xenopus Development.
Peuchen EH, Cox OF, Sun L, Hebert AS, Coon JJ, Champion MM, Dovichi NJ, Huber PW.
Sci Rep. November 15, 2017; 7 (1): 15647.

Developmental changes in spinal neuronal properties, motor network configuration and neuromodulation at free-swimming stages of Xenopus frog tadpoles.
Currie SP, Sillar KT.
J Neurophysiol. November 15, 2017; jn.00219.2017.

The constant threat from a non-native predator increases tail muscle and fast-start swimming performance in Xenopus tadpoles.
Mori T, Yanagisawa Y, Kitani Y, Yamamoto G, Goto-Inoue N, Kimura T, Kashiwagi K, Kashiwagi A.
Biol Open. November 15, 2017; 6 (11): 1726-1733.

It''s not all black and white: visual scene parameters influence optokinetic reflex performance in Xenopus laevis tadpoles.
Gravot CM, Knorr AG, Glasauer S, Straka H.
J Exp Biol. November 15, 2017; 220 (Pt 22): 4213-4224.

Xenopus and the art of oxygen maintenance.
Tattersall GJ, Burggren WW.
J Exp Biol. November 15, 2017; 220 (Pt 22): 4084-4087.

Towards Functional Selectivity for α6®3γ2 GABAA Receptors: A Series of Novel Pyrazoloquinolinones.
Treven M, Siebert DCB, Holzinger R, Bampali K, Fabjan J, Varagic Z, Wimmer L, Steudle F, Scholze P, Schnürch M, Mihovilovic MD, Ernst M.
Br J Pharmacol. November 14, 2017;

Inhibition of acid-sensing ion channels by diminazene and APETx2 evoke partial and highly variable antihyperalgesia in a rat model of inflammatory pain.
Lee JYP, Saez NJ, Cristofori-Armstrong B, Anangi R, King GF, Smith MT, Rash LD.
Br J Pharmacol. November 14, 2017;

Specific inhibition of GPCR-independent G protein signaling by a rationally engineered protein.
Leyme A, Marivin A, Maziarz M, DiGiacomo V, Papakonstantinou MP, Patel PP, Blanco-Canosa JB, Walawalkar IA, Rodriguez-Davila G, Dominguez I, Garcia-Marcos M.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. November 13, 2017;

Wall following in Xenopus laevis is barrier-driven.
Hänzi S, Straka H.
J Comp Physiol A Neuroethol Sens Neural Behav Physiol. November 8, 2017;

Thyroid hormone receptor α- and β-knockout Xenopus tropicalis tadpoles reveal subtype-specific roles during development.
Nakajima K, Tazawa I, Yaoita Y.
Endocrinology. November 3, 2017;

Novel antimicrobial peptide CPF-C1 analogs with superior stabilities and activities against multidrug-resistant bacteria.
Xie J, Zhao Q, Li S, Yan Z, Li J, Li Y, Mou L, Zhang B, Yang W, Miao X, Jiang X, Wang R.
Chem Biol Drug Des. November 1, 2017; 90 (5): 690-702.

Tectal corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) neurons respond to fasting and a reactive stressor in the African Clawed Frog, Xenopus laevis.
Prater CM, Garcia C, McGuire LP, Carr JA.
Gen Comp Endocrinol. October 28, 2017;

Oxotremorine-M potentiates NMDA receptors by muscarinic receptor dependent and independent mechanisms.
Zwart R, Reed H, Sher E.
Biochem Biophys Res Commun. October 6, 2017;

The Power of Xenopus Egg Extract for Reconstitution of Centromere and Kinetochore Function.
French BT, Straight AF.
Prog Mol Subcell Biol. January 1, 2017; 56 59-84.

Overland movement in African clawed frogs (Xenopus laevis): empirical dispersal data from within their native range.
De Villiers FA, Measey J.
PeerJ. January 1, 2017; 5 e4039.

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