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A G326E substitution in the glutamate-gated chloride channel 3 (GluCl3) of the two-spotted spider mite Tetranychus urticae abolishes the agonistic activity of macrocyclic lactones.
Mermans C, Dermauw W, Geibel S, Van Leeuwen T.
Pest Manag Sci. December 1, 2017; 73 (12): 2413-2418.

Antidepressants inhibit Nav1.3, Nav1.7, and Nav1.8 neuronal voltage-gated sodium channels more potently than Nav1.2 and Nav1.6 channels expressed in Xenopus oocytes.
Horishita T, Yanagihara N, Ueno S, Okura D, Horishita R, Minami T, Ogata Y, Sudo Y, Uezono Y, Sata T, Kawasaki T.
Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol. December 1, 2017; 390 (12): 1255-1270.

A sequential multi-target Mps1 phosphorylation cascade promotes spindle checkpoint signaling.
Ji Z, Gao H, Jia L, Li B, Yu H.
Elife. November 15, 2017; 6

A cellular mechanism for inverse effectiveness in multisensory integration.
Truszkowski TL, Carrillo OA, Bleier J, Ramirez-Vizcarrondo CM, Felch DL, McQuillan M, Truszkowski CP, Khakhalin AS, Aizenman CD.
Elife. November 15, 2017; 6

A chloroplast retrograde signal, 3''-phosphoadenosine 5''-phosphate, acts as a secondary messenger in abscisic acid signaling in stomatal closure and germination.
Pornsiriwong W, Estavillo GM, Chan KX, Tee EE, Ganguly D, Crisp PA, Phua SY, Zhao C, Qiu J, Park J, Yong MT, Nisar N, Yadav AK, Schwessinger B, Rathjen J, Cazzonelli CI, Wilson PB, Gilliham M, Chen ZH, Pogson BJ.
Elife. November 15, 2017; 6

A selectivity filter at the intracellular end of the acid-sensing ion channel pore.
Lynagh T, Flood E, Boiteux C, Wulf M, Komnatnyy VV, Colding JM, Allen TW, Pless SA.
Elife. November 15, 2017; 6

Assembly rules for GABAA receptor complexes in the brain.
Martenson JS, Yamasaki T, Chaudhury NH, Albrecht D, Tomita S.
Elife. November 15, 2017; 6

A quantitative hypermorphic CNGC allele confers ectopic calcium flux and impairs cellular development.
Chiasson DM, Haage K, Sollweck K, Brachmann A, Dietrich P, Parniske M.
Elife. November 15, 2017; 6

Asymmetry of movements in CFTR''s two ATP sites during pore opening serves their distinct functions.
Sorum B, Töröcsik B, Csanády L.
Elife. November 15, 2017; 6

A Nonredundant Role for the TRPM6 Channel in Neural Tube Closure.
Komiya Y, Bai Z, Cai N, Lou L, Al-Saadi N, Mezzacappa C, Habas R, Runnels LW.
Sci Rep. November 15, 2017; 7 (1): 15623.

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