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Phylogeny of the third component of complement, C3: analysis of the conservation of human CR1, CR2, H, and B binding sites, concanavalin A binding sites, and thiolester bond in the C3 from different species., Alsenz J, Avila D, Huemer HP, Esparza I, Becherer JD, Kinoshita T, Wang Y, Oppermann S, Lambris JD., Dev Comp Immunol. 16 (1): 63-76.

Polymorphism of the LIG3 gene in keratoconus and Fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy., Synowiec E, Wojcik KA, Izdebska J, Binczyk E, Szaflik J, Blasiak J, Szaflik JP., Cell Mol Biol (Noisy-le-grand). 61 (1): 56-63.

Paracetamol-induced liver injury modelled in Xenopus laevis embryos., Saide K, Sherwood V, Wheeler GN., Toxicol Lett. March 1, 2019; 302 83-91.            

Plasticity for colour adaptation in vertebrates explained by the evolution of the genes pomc, pmch and pmchl., Bertolesi GE, Zhang JZ, McFarlane S., Pigment Cell Melanoma Res. February 21, 2019;   

Probing the Dynamics and Structural Topology of the Reconstituted Human KCNQ1 Voltage Sensor Domain (Q1-VSD) in Lipid Bilayers Using Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy., Dixit G, Sahu ID, Reynolds WD, Wadsworth TM, Harding BD, Jaycox CK, Dabney-Smith C, Sanders CR, Lorigan GA., Biochemistry. February 19, 2019; 58 (7): 965-973.

Purification and characterization of a urea sensitive lactate dehydrogenase from skeletal muscle of the African clawed frog, Xenopus laevis., Childers CL, Storey KB., J Comp Physiol B. January 10, 2019;

Phosphatase 1 Nuclear Targeting Subunit (PNUTS) Regulates Aurora Kinases and Mitotic Progression., Wang F, Wang L, Fisher LA, Li C, Wang W, Peng A., Mol Cancer Res. January 1, 2019; 17 (1): 10-19.

Proteolytic Activation of Bmps: Analysis of Cleavage in Xenopus Oocytes and Embryos., Kim HS, McKnite A, Christian JL., Methods Mol Biol. January 1, 2019; 1891 115-133.

Pymetrozine activates TRPV channels of brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens., Wang LX, Niu CD, Salgado VL, Lelito K, Stam L, Jia YL, Zhang Y, Gao CF, Wu SF., Pestic Biochem Physiol. January 1, 2019; 153 77-86.

Probing the molecular basis for affinity/potency- and efficacy-based subtype-selectivity exhibited by benzodiazepine-site modulators at GABAA receptors., Söderhielm PC, Balle T, Bak-Nyhus S, Zhang M, Hansen KM, Ahring PK, Jensen AA., Biochem Pharmacol. December 1, 2018; 158 339-358.

Polystyrene microplastics did not affect body growth and swimming activity in Xenopus laevis tadpoles., De Felice B, Bacchetta R, Santo N, Tremolada P, Parolini M., Environ Sci Pollut Res Int. December 1, 2018; 25 (34): 34644-34651.

PLK4 is a microtubule-associated protein that self-assembles promoting de novo MTOC formation., Montenegro Gouveia S, Zitouni S, Kong D, Duarte P, Ferreira Gomes B, Sousa AL, Tranfield EM, Hyman A, Loncarek J, Bettencourt-Dias M., J Cell Sci. November 9, 2018; 132 (4):                 

Phthalates modulate steroid 5-reductase transcripts in the Western clawed frog embryo., Bissegger S, Pineda Castro MA, Yargeau V, Langlois VS., Comp Biochem Physiol C Toxicol Pharmacol. November 1, 2018; 213 39-46.

Peroxiredoxin5 Controls Vertebrate Ciliogenesis by Modulating Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species., Ji Y, Chae S, Lee HK, Park I, Kim C, Ismail T, Kim Y, Park JW, Kwon OS, Kang BS, Lee DS, Bae JS, Kim SH, Moon PG, Baek MC, Park MJ, Kil IS, Rhee SG, Kim J, Huh YH, Shin JY, Min KJ, Kwon TK, Jang DG, Woo HA, Kwon T, Park TJ, Lee HS., Antioxid Redox Signal. October 30, 2018;   

Pharmacological characterization of JWX-A0108 as a novel type I positive allosteric modulator of α7 nAChR that can reverse acoustic gating deficits in a mouse prepulse inhibition model., Sun LL, Yang TY, Wei NN, Lu W, Jiao WX, Zhou QQ, Miao YZ, Gao Q, Wang XT, Sun Q, Wang K., Acta Pharmacol Sin. October 17, 2018;

Pharmacological profile of vestibular inhibitory inputs to superior oblique motoneurons., Soupiadou P, Branoner F, Straka H., J Neurol. October 1, 2018; 265 (Suppl 1): 18-25.

Proteomic Profiling of Microtubule Self-organization in M-phase., Rosas-Salvans M, Cavazza T, Espadas G, Sabido E, Vernos I., Mol Cell Proteomics. October 1, 2018; 17 (10): 1991-2004.

Pharmacological and toxicological activity of RSD921, a novel sodium channel blocker., Walker MJA, Hayes ES, Saint DA, Adaikan G, Abraham S, Goldin AL, Beatch GN, MacLeod BA, Wall RA, Pugsley MK., Biomed Pharmacother. October 1, 2018; 106 510-522.

Photocatalytic degradation of azo dye using core@shell nano-TiO2 particles to reduce toxicity., Ozmen N, Erdemoglu S, Gungordu A, Asilturk M, Turhan DO, Akgeyik E, Harper SL, Ozmen M., Environ Sci Pollut Res Int. October 1, 2018; 25 (29): 29493-29504.

Physiological Concentrations of Zinc Have Dual Effects on P2X Myenteric Receptors of Guinea Pig., Méndez-Barredo LH, Rodríguez-Meléndez JG, Gómez-Coronado KS, Guerrero-Alba R, Valdez-Morales EE, Espinosa-Luna R, Barajas-Espinosa A, Barajas-López C., Cell Mol Neurobiol. October 1, 2018; 38 (7): 1439-1449.

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