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Tutorial Videos

JBrowse tutorial videos:

Title Movie Author Content
Introduction to JBrowse Vaneet Lotay Selecting/deselecting tracks and categories, switching species and genome versions, and searching for a particular gene in the genome
JBrowse tutorial 1 Vaneet Lotay Using the JBrowse FeatureSequence plugin to highlight, copy, or hide parts of a gene sequence according to their type (UTR, intron, CDS), as well as view the upstream or downstream sequence for the gene
JBrowse tutorial 2 Vaneet Lotay Saving data from a track on JBrowse for a particular region of interest in the genome
JBrowse tutorial 3 Vaneet Lotay How to add a local/custom track from your PC to the JBrowse browser at Xenbase
Flybase JBrowse tutorial Flybase Introduction to JBrowse at Flybase: selecting/deselecting tracks, gene search...etc.

Xenbase tutorial videos:

Title Movie Author Content
How to use Xenbase version 3.x Kevin A. Burns Introduction to features on Xenbase 3.x, how to search, and features you may be missing out on
How to use Xenbase version 2.x - Vidoe 1 Kevin A. Burns An overview of the useful features in Xenbase
How to use Xenbase version 2.x - Video 2 Kevin A. Burns The five most useful pages in Xenbase
How to Use Xenbase version 2.x - Video 3 Kevin A. Burns Advanced Expression and Literature Searches
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