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Antibody Name: GFP Ab17

Common Name: EGFP

Synonyms: 11 914 460 001, 118144601, 13.1, 17.1, 1814460

Other: EGFP

Clone Type: Monoclonal
Source: Sigma-Aldrich

Clone Number 13.1 and 17.1 mix
Purification Immunoglobulin Fractionation
Isotype isotype unknown
Host Organism mouse
Xenopus Reactivity tropicalis, laevis
Non-Xenopus Reactivity
Description: Supplied by Roche 1814460, now Sigma 118144601
Name GFP
Type polypeptide
Post Translational Modifications None
Source Organism mouse
Reported Usage
immunofluorescence 1:400
First: An adhesome comprising laminin, dystroglycan and myosin IIA is required during notochord development in Xenopus laevis., Development 2014                        
Most recent: Actomyosin-generated tension on cadherin is similar between dividing and non-dividing epithelial cells in early Xenopus laevis embryos., Sci Rep 2017                            
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