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Attributions for Agrn Ab1


Distribution of alpha-dystroglycan during embryonic nerve-muscle synaptogenesis., Cohen MW, Jacobson C, Godfrey EW, Campbell KP, Carbonetto S., J Cell Biol. May 1, 1995; 129 (4): 1093-101.                

Former neuritic pathways containing endogenous neural agrin have high synaptogenic activity., Cohen MW, Moody-Corbett F, Godfrey EW., Dev Biol. February 1, 1995; 167 (2): 458-68.              

Early appearance of and neuronal contribution to agrin-like molecules at embryonic frog nerve-muscle synapses formed in culture., Cohen MW, Godfrey EW., J Neurosci. August 1, 1992; 12 (8): 2982-92.