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Xenopus ORFeome

ORF Name:ica1-prov ORF1 Species: laevis
Gene Symbol: ica1.L Entrez Gene ID: 379786
Gene Synonyms: ica69, icap69
Gene Name: islet cell autoantigen 1
Description: Secretory vesicle-associated protein ICA69, contains Arfaptin domain
Plate: GDExl11008 Well: F08
Order ORF:
Biodesign Institute / DNASU Plasmid Repository,
Source Bioscience,
GE Healthcare / Dharmacon RNAi and Gene Expression,
Harvard Medical School DF/HCC DNA Resource Core

5' ORF Sequence: JZ823687
3' ORF Sequence: JZ828997
Predicted ORF Sequence:
Predicted ORF Translation:

Full-Length Confidence: good
Original XGC clone Full-Length: yes
Original XGC clone QC Flag: no

Template Information
Description: Xenopus laevis islet cell autoantigen 1, 69kDa, mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:52730 IMAGE:4683859), complete cds
Template Accession: BC041225
GI: 27371258
Clone ID: MGC:52730 IMAGE:4683859
Tissue: whole organism
Stage: NF stage 31 to NF stage 32
Clone Library: NICHD_XGC_Emb4

First: The Xenopus ORFeome: A resource that enables functional genomics. [Dev Biol 2015]
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