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Line Name Species Mutated Gene Description Availability

X.laevis When induced with Dox, expresses a dominant negative form of the Thyroid receptor alpha gene (thra) ... EXRC

X.laevis Rat (Rno) tubulin alpha-1 (tuba1) promoter driving GFP (1696bp of 5'flanking alpha-1 tubulin DNA, ex... NXR EXRC

X.laevis 205bp Rat (Rn0) elastase (elas) promoter driving GFP in the pancreas. EXRC

X.laevis Cre/FLP reporter line (YFP) C5. Contains the Cre/FLP reporter LCMV:ECFP(loxP)(FRT)EYFP. The larvae ... EXRC

X.laevis Cre reporter line (YFP), (Y2). Contains the Cre reporter LCMV:ECFP(loxP)EYFP. NXR EXRC

X.laevis CMV driving red fluorescent protein tdTomato. Adult animals of this strain show ubiquitous and homog... EXRC

X.laevis CAR-Cre construct that encodes the Cre recombinase coding sequence under control of the cardiac acti... EXRC

X.laevis Cre recombinase driven by the Xenopus laevis heat-shock promoter hsp70. NXR EXRC

X.laevis Cre recombinase under the heat-shock promoter HSP70, contains a linked CMV driven gene encoding the ... EXRC

X.tropicalis GFP expression in the lens. NXR EXRC

X.laevis 2.5 kb X. laevis kdr (flk-1)promoter sequence driving eGFP (plus the first intron downstream of enha... NXR EXRC

X.laevis The Xenopus laevis Flk1 (VEGFR-2) promoter and first intron were used to drive GFP. See Figure 1 a... EXRC

X.laevis 4775bp X. tropicalis LMO2 promoter driving expression of Katushka (TurboFP-C); marker for integratio... NXR EXRC

X.laevis The whole cardiac actin gene (~9 kb), with GFP genetrap vector (511)/ (275D) in the intron, plasmid ... EXRC

X.laevis Zebrafish mpeg-EGFP (gift from Felix Ellett Lab) and cry-mCherry were co-injected. REMI NXR EXRC
Xla.Tg(tal1:Venus; cryga:mCherry)Amaya

X.laevis Double transgenic Xenopus laevis embryos were generated using restriction enzyme-mediated integratio... EXRC

X.laevis 3481bp Neural-BETA-tubulin (NBT or tubb2b) promoter and 5'UTR driving expression of tauGFP in the n... EXRC

X.laevis 4.7 kb X. tropicalis (Xtr) p27 Xic1 (officially known as cdknx) promoter driving GFP expression Fo... NXR EXRC

X.laevis sox10:GFP-HS4-Isce1 transgene contains 4.7Kb of upstream sequence from the transcription factor sox1... NXR EXRC

X.laevis Zebrafish (Dre) flh (floating head, now noto) promoter driving GFP. GenBank accession number for f... EXRC

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