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Line Name Species Mutated Gene Description Availability

X.laevis 3481bp N-beta-tubulin (NBT, tubb2b) promoter and 5'UTR driving expression of Katushka (TurboFP-C); m... EXRC

X.laevis 2916bp X. laevis Pax3 promoter driving expression of Katushka in the neural ectoderm (neural crest).... NXR EXRC

X.laevis Plasmid used for transgenesis (CAG-Venus) consists of the Venus variant of YFP reporter cloned into ... NXR EXRC

X.laevis 1.5 kb of human ubiqutin C promoter driving venus GFP; founder G14 EXRC

X.laevis 1.5 kb of human ubiqutin C promoter driving venus GFP; founder D5

X.laevis The constitutive simian cytomegalovirus (CMV) IE94 promoter/enhancer driving GFP flanked by FRT site... NXR EXRC

X.laevis 3.6-kb PAX6 promoter driving GFP and CMV promoter/ enhancer driving RFP. EXRC

X.laevis The crystallin-GFP construct was generated by subcloning a 2.2 kb fragment of the crystalline genomi... NXR EXRC

X.laevis CMV promoter of pCSGFP3 was removed by SalI and HindIII and a 2.4-kb genomic sequence upstream of mo... NXR EXRC

X.laevis Mouse (Mmu) Prx-1 (prxx1) driving GFP. Tg male founder x wt albino female. NXR EXRC

X.laevis Rhodopsin promoter driving E. coli nitroreductase.Plasmid used for transgenesis (pXOP(-508/+41)-NTR)... NXR EXRC

X.laevis 205 bp rat (Rno) elastase (elas) promoter driving GFP in the pancreas during metamorphosis (in the c... NXR

X.laevis X. tropicalis (Xtr) collagen 2a1 (col2a1) promoter and first intron, driving eGFP (v4.1 JGI scaffol... NXR EXRC

X.laevis CMV promoter drives expression of RFP in the nucleus. CMV-xH2B-RFP (an enhanced yellow fluorescent p... EXRC NBRP

X.laevis CMV-EGFP-CAAX, consists of a cytomegalovirus (CMV) promoter, eGFP, and the CAAX box (c-Ha-Ras farnes... EXRC NBRP

X.laevis CMV-RFP-CAAX, consists of a cytomegalovirus (CMV) promoter, driving membrane-bound red Fluorescent p... NXR EXRC NBRP

X.laevis CMV-CALR-RFP-KDEL, consists of a cytomegalovirus (CMV) promoter, the calreticulin (CALR) targeting s... NXR EXRC NBRP

X.laevis Tg(CMV-hB4GalT-eGFP) consists of a cytomegalovirus (CMV) promoter, the N terminal 81 amino acids of ... NXR EXRC NBRP

X.laevis CMV-hEB3-EGFP, consists of a cytomegalovirus (CMV) promoter, 1-281 amino acids of human (Hsa) end-bi... NXR EXRC NBRP

X.laevis The construct consists of a 1.5 kb of human (Hsa) ubiquitin C (UBC) promoter,the N-terminal 33 amino... NXR EXRC

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