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Line Name Species Mutated Gene Description Availability

X.tropicalis npnt Nephronectin insertional mutation (probably null). Insertion of Tg(nkx2.5:GFP) transgene between 3rd... EXRC

X.laevis 8Kb of X. laevis mlc3 ( synonym = MLC1v ) gene driving expression of enhanced GFP (eGFP). Promoter ... NXR EXRC

X.laevis 3kb of X. laevis myl2 (myosin light chain, also known as MLC2) driving GFP (variant mt5). Promoter s... EXRC

X.laevis Neural beta-tubulin upstream region driving expression of placental alkaline phosphatase. Unknown av...

X.tropicalis 1.5 kb of the Xla smad 3 promoter driving expression of EGFP. Purified Pme1-Afl2 fragment inserted.

X.laevis F1 Transgenic - Crystallin Upstream region driving standard GFP ORF. Previously called Crystallin St...

X.laevis 3.6-kb pax6 promoter driving the yeast transcriptional activator Gal4. The pax6 promoter and 5 prime... EXRC

X.laevis The constitutive simian cytomegalovirus (CMV) IE94 promoter/enhancer driving GFP. EXRC

X.laevis Zebrafish (Dre) flh (floating head) promoter driving GFP in the pineal gland and posterior notochord... NXR EXRC

X.laevis This line carries an effector construct which contained five tandem repeats of the Gal4-binding mot... EXRC

X.laevis Five tandem repeats of Gal4-response UAS promoter driving bone morphogenetic protein 4 (bmp4). EXRC

X.laevis Cross of the female crystalline GAL4 with male Xla.Tg (UAS:GFP). F1 Tg- crystalin upstream region dr... EXRC

X.laevis 8 kb of promoter of the X. laevis nkx2-5 gene driving expression of GFP (variant mt5). Mohun Lab Pla... EXRC

X.laevis Heat shock inducible Noggin line. Noggin (nog) under control of HSP70, and gamma Crystalllin-GFP dou... NXR EXRC

X.laevis 580bp of cardiac actinn (actin, alpha, cardiac muscle 1 promoter (actc1.S)) driving GFP (variant mt5... NXR EXRC

X.laevis 1.5 kb of promoter of the X. laevis smad3 gene driving expression of eGFP, and gamma crystallin (cry... NXR EXRC

X.laevis 5 kb of promoter of the X. laevis slurp1l (aka LURP-1) gene driving expression of GFP NXR EXRC

X.laevis 205 bp rat (Rno) elastase (elas) promoter driving dominant negative (DN) form of the thyroid recepto... EXRC

X.laevis DOX inducible. Mouse ( Mmu) collagen (col1a2) enhancer fused to a minimal collagen alpha 2 promoter... EXRC

X.laevis 5.4 kb X. tropicalis insulin promoter driving dominant negative form of the thyroid receptor alpha (...

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