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Summary Attributions Transgene

Line Name: Xla.Tg(pax6-GFP:Gal4)Amaya

Synonym: PAX6 GAL4
Species: Xenopus laevis
Background Strain: Xla.Cambridge albino EXRC
Paternal Line:
Maternal Line:
Color Morph: pigmented
Phenotype Description: Drives expression of UAS-controlled genes in cells normally expressing pax6 (eg., neurectoderm in early embryos, CNS and eye field in neurula and early tadpole stages).
Breeding Type: OUTBRED
Description: 3.6-kb PAX6 promoter driving the yeast transcriptional activator Gal4. The Pax-6GFP GenBank accession number is AY048575.
Lab of Origin: Amaya Lab
Line Type: Transgenic
Mutated Gene:
MTA Required: No
Public: Yes
Catalogue Number: EXRC Line #4,waiting for EXRC RRID

Vendor RRID Availability
NXR (US): No
EXRC (Europe): Yes, order
NBRP (Japan): No
CRB (Europe): No


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