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Summary Attributions Transgene

Line Name: Xla.Tg(tal1:Venus; cryga:mCherry)Amaya

Synonym: SV40-venus-3'E,cry-mCherry
Species: Xenopus laevis
Background Strain: Unknown
Colour Morph: unknown
Phenotype Description: Venus/GFP expression in the circulating blood / erythroid cells; embryos express mCherry in the lens of eye.
Breeding Type: UNKNOWN
Description: Double transgenic Xenopus laevis embryos were generated using restriction enzyme-mediated integration using SV/Venus/cSCL+19 and gamma-crystallin-mCherry, which was derived from gamma-crystallin-green fluorescent protein (GFP). SV/venus/cSCL+19 enhancer (from Rita Ferreira) and cry-mCherry were co-injected.
Lab of Origin: Amaya Lab
Line Type: Transgenic
MTA Required: No
Public: Yes
Catalogue number: waiting for RRID for EXRC stock
Vendor Availability:
     NXR (US) No
     EXRC (Europe) Yes, order
     NBRP (Japan) No


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