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Axonal precursor miRNAs hitchhike on endosomes and locally regulate the development of neural circuits., Corradi E., EMBO J. January 1, 2020; 39 (6): e102513.                            

Alzheimer Aβ disrupts the mitotic spindle and directly inhibits mitotic microtubule motors., Borysov SI., Cell Cycle. May 1, 2011; 10 (9): 1397-410.

Disparate effects of p24alpha and p24delta on secretory protein transport and processing., Strating JR., PLoS One. August 8, 2007; 2 (8): e704.              

The coding sequence of amyloid-beta precursor protein APP contains a neural-specific promoter element., Collin RW., Dev Biol. May 4, 2006; 1087 (1): 41-51.            

Beta-secretase-cleaved amyloid precursor protein accumulates at actin inclusions induced in neurons by stress or amyloid beta: a feedforward mechanism for Alzheimer''s disease., Maloney MT., J Neurosci. December 7, 2005; 25 (49): 11313-21.

The amyloid-beta precursor-like protein APLP2 and its relative APP are differentially regulated during neuroendocrine cell activation., Collin RW., Mol Cell Neurosci. November 1, 2005; 30 (3): 429-36.

Biosynthesis and differential processing of two pools of amyloid-beta precursor protein in a physiologically inducible neuroendocrine cell., Collin RW., J Neurochem. August 1, 2005; 94 (4): 1015-24.

Activation of NR1a/NR2B receptors by soluble factors from APP-stimulated monocyte-derived macrophages: implications for the pathogenesis of Alzheimer''s disease., Xiong H., Neurobiol Aging. August 1, 2004; 25 (7): 905-11.

Amyloid precursor protein-processing products affect mononuclear phagocyte activation: pathways for sAPP- and Abeta-mediated neurotoxicity., Ikezu T., J Neurochem. May 1, 2003; 85 (4): 925-34.

Expression of the gene encoding the beta-amyloid precursor protein APP in Xenopus laevis., van den Hurk WH., Brain Res Mol Brain Res. December 16, 2001; 97 (1): 13-20.          

A GG nucleotide sequence of the 3'' untranslated region of amyloid precursor protein mRNA plays a key role in the regulation of translation and the binding of proteins., Mbella EG., Mol Cell Biol. July 1, 2000; 20 (13): 4572-9.

APP carboxyl-terminal fragment without or with abeta domain equally induces cytotoxicity in differentiated PC12 cells and cortical neurons., Lee JP, Lee JP., J Neurosci Res. May 15, 2000; 60 (4): 565-70.

The amyloid beta peptide abeta (25-35) induces apoptosis independent of p53., Blasko I., FEBS Lett. March 24, 2000; 470 (2): 221-5.

Molecular cloning, functional expression and chromosomal localization of a cDNA encoding a human Na+/nucleoside cotransporter (hCNT2) selective for purine nucleosides and uridine., Ritzel MW., Mol Membr Biol. October 1, 1998; 15 (4): 203-11.

Molecular physiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology of Alzheimer''s amyloid precursor protein (APP)., Suh YH., Ann N Y Acad Sci. June 15, 1996; 786 169-83.

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