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Microvascular anatomy of the urinary bladder in the adult African clawed toad, Xenopus laevis: A scanning electron microscope study of vascular casts., Lametschwandtner A., J Morphol. January 1, 2021; 282 (3): 368-377.                        

Microvascular anatomy of ovary and oviduct in the adult African Clawed Toad (Xenopus laevis DAUDIN, 1802)-Histomorphology and scanning electron microscopy of vascular corrosion casts., Lametschwandtner A., Anat Histol Embryol. November 1, 2020; 49 (6): 742-748.            

Stage-dependent cardiac regeneration in Xenopus is regulated by thyroid hormone availability., Marshall LN., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. January 1, 2019; 116 (9): 3614-3623.          

Impacts of the MHC class I-like XNC10 and innate-like T cells on tumor tolerance and rejection in the amphibian Xenopus., Banach M., Carcinogenesis. January 1, 2019; 40 (7): 924-935.

Expression of the adhesion G protein-coupled receptor A2 (adgra2) during Xenopus laevis development., Seigfried FA., Gene Expr Patterns. January 1, 2018; 28 54-61.                                      

Frizzled-7 is required for Xenopus heart development., Abu-Elmagd M., Biol Open. December 15, 2017; 6 (12): 1861-1868.            

no privacy, a Xenopus tropicalis mutant, is a model of human Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome and allows visualization of internal organogenesis during tadpole development., Nakayama T., Dev Biol. January 1, 2017; 426 (2): 472-486.                      

Persistent fibrosis, hypertrophy and sarcomere disorganisation after endoscopy-guided heart resection in adult Xenopus., Marshall L., PLoS One. January 1, 2017; 12 (3): e0173418.                

Nonclassical MHC-Restricted Invariant Vα6 T Cells Are Critical for Efficient Early Innate Antiviral Immunity in the Amphibian Xenopus laevis., Edholm ES., J Immunol. July 15, 2015; 195 (2): 576-86.

Congenital heart disease protein 5 associates with CASZ1 to maintain myocardial tissue integrity., Sojka S., Development. August 1, 2014; 141 (15): 3040-9.                

Comparative expression analysis of cysteine-rich intestinal protein family members crip1, 2 and 3 during Xenopus laevis embryogenesis., Hempel A., Int J Dev Biol. January 1, 2014; 58 (10-12): 841-9.                                              

Plasticity of lung development in the amphibian, Xenopus laevis., Rose CS., Biol Open. December 15, 2013; 2 (12): 1324-35.      

sfrp1 promotes cardiomyocyte differentiation in Xenopus via negative-feedback regulation of Wnt signalling., Gibb N., Development. April 1, 2013; 140 (7): 1537-49.                                    

Maturation of the gastric microvasculature in Xenopus laevis (Lissamphibia, Anura) occurs at the transition from the herbivorous to the carnivorous lifestyle, predominantly by intussuceptive microvascular growth (IMG): a scanning electron microscope study of microvascular corrosion casts and correlative light microscopy., Lametschwandtner A., Anat Sci Int. June 1, 2012; 87 (2): 88-100.                    

Comparative histological study of hepatic architecture in the three orders amphibian livers., Akiyoshi H., Comp Hepatol. January 1, 2012; 11 (1): 2.    

Germ-line mitochondria exhibit suppressed respiratory activity to support their accurate transmission to the next generation., Kogo N., Dev Biol. January 15, 2011; 349 (2): 462-9.            

Claudin5 genes encoding tight junction proteins are required for Xenopus heart formation., Yamagishi M., Dev Growth Differ. September 1, 2010; 52 (7): 665-75.                        

Identification and gastrointestinal expression of Xenopus laevis FoxF2., McLin VA., Int J Dev Biol. January 1, 2010; 54 (5): 919-24.          

Protective effects of the combination of alpha-helical antimicrobial peptides and rifampicin in three rat models of Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection., Cirioni O., J Antimicrob Chemother. December 1, 2008; 62 (6): 1332-8.

Extracellular regulation of developmental cell signaling by XtSulf1., Freeman SD., Dev Biol. August 15, 2008; 320 (2): 436-45.            

Aquaporin-1 channel function is positively regulated by protein kinase C., Zhang W., J Biol Chem. July 20, 2007; 282 (29): 20933-40.

Roles of Matrix Metalloproteinases and ECM Remodeling during Thyroid Hormone-Dependent Intestinal Metamorphosis in Xenopus laevis., Fu L., Organogenesis. January 1, 2007; 3 (1): 14-9.        

Amphibian peptides prevent endotoxemia and bacterial translocation in bile duct-ligated rats., Giacometti A., Crit Care Med. September 1, 2006; 34 (9): 2415-20.

Bves, a member of the Popeye domain-containing gene family., Osler ME., Dev Dyn. March 1, 2006; 235 (3): 586-93.  

The MLC1v gene provides a transgenic marker of myocardium formation within developing chambers of the Xenopus heart., Smith SJ., Dev Dyn. April 1, 2005; 232 (4): 1003-12.            

Tbx5 and Tbx20 act synergistically to control vertebrate heart morphogenesis., Brown DD., Development. February 1, 2005; 132 (3): 553-63.                

Cardiac neural crest ablation alters Id2 gene expression in the developing heart., Martinsen BJ., Dev Biol. August 1, 2004; 272 (1): 176-90.          

Regulation of heart size in Xenopus laevis., Garriock RJ., Differentiation. October 1, 2003; 71 (8): 506-15.            

Cardiac specific expression of Xenopus Popeye-1., Hitz MP., Mech Dev. July 1, 2002; 115 (1-2): 123-6.    

Xenopus Smad3 is specifically expressed in the chordoneural hinge, notochord and in the endocardium of the developing heart., Howell M., Mech Dev. June 1, 2001; 104 (1-2): 147-50.    

Serrate and Notch specify cell fates in the heart field by suppressing cardiomyogenesis., Rones MS., Development. September 1, 2000; 127 (17): 3865-76.                  

Xenopus laevis gelatinase B (Xmmp-9): development, regeneration, and wound healing., Carinato ME., Dev Dyn. April 1, 2000; 217 (4): 377-87.      

Subdivision of the cardiac Nkx2.5 expression domain into myogenic and nonmyogenic compartments., Raffin M., Dev Biol. February 15, 2000; 218 (2): 326-40.                  

Expression pattern of mouse sFRP-1 and mWnt-8 gene during heart morphogenesis., Jaspard B., Mech Dev. February 1, 2000; 90 (2): 263-7.

Distinct functions for Aldh1 and Raldh2 in the control of ligand production for embryonic retinoid signaling pathways., Haselbeck RJ., Dev Genet. January 1, 1999; 25 (4): 353-64.

The lymnaea cardioexcitatory peptide (LyCEP) receptor: a G-protein-coupled receptor for a novel member of the RFamide neuropeptide family., Tensen CP., J Neurosci. December 1, 1998; 18 (23): 9812-21.

Xenopus eHAND: a marker for the developing cardiovascular system of the embryo that is regulated by bone morphogenetic proteins., Sparrow DB., Mech Dev. February 1, 1998; 71 (1-2): 151-63.            

Na+-independent transport of bipolar and cationic amino acids across the luminal membrane of the small intestine., Munck BG., Am J Physiol. April 1, 1997; 272 (4 Pt 2): R1060-8.

Expression of a new G protein-coupled receptor X-msr is associated with an endothelial lineage in Xenopus laevis., Devic E., Mech Dev. October 1, 1996; 59 (2): 129-40.        

N-CAM and N-cadherin are specifically expressed in xanthophores, but not in the other types of pigment cells, melanophores, and iridiphores., Fukuzawa T., Pigment Cell Res. February 1, 1995; 8 (1): 1-9.

Development and innervation of the abdominal muscle in embryonic Xenopus laevis., Lynch K., Am J Anat. April 1, 1990; 187 (4): 374-92.

Insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) enhances hyaluronic acid synthesis in rabbit pericardium., Honda A., Biochim Biophys Acta. December 14, 1989; 1014 (3): 305-12.

The mouse pericardium: it allows passage of particulate matter from the pleural to the pericardial cavity., Fukuo Y., Anat Rec. September 1, 1988; 222 (1): 1-5.

Stimulatory effect of vanadate on hyaluronic acid synthesis in mesothelial cells from rabbit pericardium., Ohashi Y., Biochem Int. February 1, 1988; 16 (2): 293-302.

Light and electron microscopic observations of the development of intestinal musculature in Xenopus., Kordylewski L., Z Mikrosk Anat Forsch. January 1, 1983; 97 (4): 719-34.

Hormone effects on transport in cultured epithelia with high electrical resistance., Handler JS., Am J Physiol. March 1, 1981; 240 (3): C103-5.

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