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XLF acts as a flexible connector during non-homologous end joining., Carney SM., Elife. January 1, 2020; 9                   

A prototype of the mammalian sulfotransferase 1 (SULT1) family in Xenopus laevis: molecular and enzymatic properties of XlSULT1B.S., Yamauchi K., Genes Genet Syst. December 10, 2019; 94 (5): 207-217.          

PAWS1 controls Wnt signalling through association with casein kinase 1α., Bozatzi P., EMBO Rep. January 1, 2018; 19 (4):                             

Folate-dependent methylation of septins governs ciliogenesis during neural tube closure., Toriyama M., FASEB J. January 1, 2017; 31 (8): 3622-3635.                    

Direct reprogramming of fibroblasts into renal tubular epithelial cells by defined transcription factors., Kaminski MM., Nat Cell Biol. December 1, 2016; 18 (12): 1269-1280.                  

Nearly 1000 Protein Identifications from 50 ng of Xenopus laevis Zygote Homogenate Using Online Sample Preparation on a Strong Cation Exchange Monolith Based Microreactor Coupled with Capillary Zone Electrophoresis., Zhang Z., Anal Chem. January 5, 2016; 88 (1): 877-82.

The serpin PN1 is a feedback regulator of FGF signaling in germ layer and primary axis formation., Acosta H., Development. March 15, 2015; 142 (6): 1146-58.                                    

Proteolytic activation of the human epithelial sodium channel by trypsin IV and trypsin I involves distinct cleavage sites., Haerteis S., J Biol Chem. July 4, 2014; 289 (27): 19067-78.

USP15 targets ALK3/BMPR1A for deubiquitylation to enhance bone morphogenetic protein signalling., Herhaus L., Open Biol. May 1, 2014; 4 (5): 140065.              

Quantitative proteomics of Xenopus laevis embryos: expression kinetics of nearly 4000 proteins during early development., Sun L., Sci Rep. February 26, 2014; 4 4365.                              

Functional analysis of a missense mutation in the serine protease inhibitor SPINT2 associated with congenital sodium diarrhea., Faller N., PLoS One. January 1, 2014; 9 (4): e94267.            

A truncated form of rod photoreceptor PDE6 β-subunit causes autosomal dominant congenital stationary night blindness by interfering with the inhibitory activity of the γ-subunit., Manes G., PLoS One. January 1, 2014; 9 (4): e95768.            

Evolutionary origins of C-terminal (GPP)n 3-hydroxyproline formation in vertebrate tendon collagen., Hudson DM., PLoS One. January 1, 2014; 9 (4): e93467.          

Cell-cycle dependent localization of MELK and its new partner RACK1 in epithelial versus mesenchyme-like cells in Xenopus embryo., Chartrain I., Biol Open. January 1, 2013; 2 (10): 1037-48.                

Plasmin and chymotrypsin have distinct preferences for channel activating cleavage sites in the γ subunit of the human epithelial sodium channel., Haerteis S., J Gen Physiol. October 1, 2012; 140 (4): 375-89.                      

Tissue kallikrein activation of the epithelial Na channel., Patel AB., Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. August 15, 2012; 303 (4): F540-50.

Matrix metalloproteinase expression during blastema formation in regeneration-competent versus regeneration-deficient amphibian limbs., Santosh N., Dev Dyn. May 1, 2011; 240 (5): 1127-41.                

Epithelial Na+ channels derived from human lung are activated by shear force., Fronius M., Respir Physiol Neurobiol. January 31, 2010; 170 (1): 113-9.

A protocadherin-cadherin-FLRT3 complex controls cell adhesion and morphogenesis., Chen X., PLoS One. December 22, 2009; 4 (12): e8411.                    

Characterization of human cone phosphodiesterase-6 ectopically expressed in Xenopus laevis rods., Muradov H., J Biol Chem. November 20, 2009; 284 (47): 32662-9.            

Binding of sFRP-3 to EGF in the extra-cellular space affects proliferation, differentiation and morphogenetic events regulated by the two molecules., Scardigli R., PLoS One. June 18, 2008; 3 (6): e2471.                    

Mechano-sensitivity of epithelial sodium channels (ENaCs): laminar shear stress increases ion channel open probability., Althaus M., FASEB J. August 1, 2007; 21 (10): 2389-99.

The secreted serine protease xHtrA1 stimulates long-range FGF signaling in the early Xenopus embryo., Hou S., Dev Cell. August 1, 2007; 13 (2): 226-41.                      

TGF-beta signaling-mediated morphogenesis: modulation of cell adhesion via cadherin endocytosis., Ogata S., Genes Dev. July 15, 2007; 21 (14): 1817-31.                  

Dissection of Tightly Adhering Xenopus laevis Tissues by Trypsin Treatment., Sive HL., CSH Protoc. June 1, 2007; 2007 pdb.prot4752.

Paraxial protocadherin mediates cell sorting and tissue morphogenesis by regulating C-cadherin adhesion activity., Chen X., J Cell Biol. July 17, 2006; 174 (2): 301-13.                

Direct observation of a preinactivated, open state in BK channels with beta2 subunits., Benzinger GR., J Gen Physiol. February 1, 2006; 127 (2): 119-31.                

Differential phosphorylation controls Maskin association with eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E and localization on the mitotic apparatus., Barnard DC., Mol Cell Biol. September 1, 2005; 25 (17): 7605-15.                

Visualizing long-range movement of the morphogen Xnr2 in the Xenopus embryo., Williams PH., Curr Biol. November 9, 2004; 14 (21): 1916-23.      

Prostasin, a membrane-anchored serine peptidase, regulates sodium currents in JME/CF15 cells, a cystic fibrosis airway epithelial cell line., Tong Z., Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol. November 1, 2004; 287 (5): L928-35.

NO66, a highly conserved dual location protein in the nucleolus and in a special type of synchronously replicating chromatin., Eilbracht J., Mol Biol Cell. April 1, 2004; 15 (4): 1816-32.                            

BMPER, a novel endothelial cell precursor-derived protein, antagonizes bone morphogenetic protein signaling and endothelial cell differentiation., Moser M., Mol Cell Biol. August 1, 2003; 23 (16): 5664-79.

Chromosome mapping of Xenopus tropicalis using the G- and Ag-bands: tandem duplication and polyploidization of larvae heads., Uehara M., Dev Growth Differ. October 1, 2002; 44 (5): 427-36.                

Synergistic activation of ENaC by three membrane-bound channel-activating serine proteases (mCAP1, mCAP2, and mCAP3) and serum- and glucocorticoid-regulated kinase (Sgk1) in Xenopus Oocytes., Vuagniaux G., J Gen Physiol. August 1, 2002; 120 (2): 191-201.          

Expression of amylase and other pancreatic genes in Xenopus., Horb ME., Mech Dev. May 1, 2002; 113 (2): 153-7.      

Xoom is maternally stored and functions as a transmembrane protein for gastrulation movement in Xenopus embryos., Hasegawa K., Dev Growth Differ. February 1, 2001; 43 (1): 25-31.            

Requirement for matrix metalloproteinase stromelysin-3 in cell migration and apoptosis during tissue remodeling in Xenopus laevis., Ishizuya-Oka A., J Cell Biol. September 4, 2000; 150 (5): 1177-88.                      

Isolation and characterization of three novel serine protease genes from Xenopus laevis., Yamada K., Gene. July 11, 2000; 252 (1-2): 209-16.        

Determination of cell adhesion sites of neuropilin-1., Shimizu M., J Cell Biol. March 20, 2000; 148 (6): 1283-93.                  

Ovochymase, a Xenopus laevis egg extracellular protease, is translated as part of an unusual polyprotease., Lindsay LL., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. September 28, 1999; 96 (20): 11253-8.            

A constitutively activated mutant of galphaq down-regulates EP-cadherin expression and decreases adhesion between ectodermal cells at gastrulation., Rizzoti K., Mech Dev. August 1, 1998; 76 (1-2): 19-31.                

An epithelial serine protease activates the amiloride-sensitive sodium channel., Vallet V., Nature. October 9, 1997; 389 (6651): 607-10.

Characterization of pNiXa, a serpin of Xenopus laevis oocytes and embryos, and its histidine-rich, Ni(II)-binding domain., Sunderman FW., Mol Reprod Dev. August 1, 1996; 44 (4): 507-24.

Evidence for the presence of a proteinase-activated receptor distinct from the thrombin receptor in vascular endothelial cells., Hwa JJ., Circ Res. April 1, 1996; 78 (4): 581-8.

Characterization of the Xenopus rhodopsin gene., Batni S., J Biol Chem. February 9, 1996; 271 (6): 3179-86.              

Isolation and characterization of ovochymase, a chymotrypsin-like protease released during Xenopus laevis egg activation., Lindsay LL., Dev Biol. February 1, 1995; 167 (2): 513-6.

Enterokinase, the initiator of intestinal digestion, is a mosaic protease composed of a distinctive assortment of domains., Kitamoto Y., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. August 2, 1994; 91 (16): 7588-92.

A factor that activates oscillatory chloride currents in Xenopus oocytes copurifies with a subfraction of serum albumin., Tigyi G., J Biol Chem. November 5, 1991; 266 (31): 20602-9.

Induction of reinitiation of meiosis in amphibian Bufo and Xenopus oocytes by injection of M-phase extracts of ciliate Tetrahymena needs the recipient protein synthesis., Fujishima M., Exp Cell Res. March 1, 1991; 193 (1): 155-60.

Differential expression of two cadherins in Xenopus laevis., Angres B., Development. March 1, 1991; 111 (3): 829-44.                    

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