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Anatomy Term: vitelline vein
XAO ID: 0004147
Synonyms: vascular vitelline network, vitelline veins
Definition: "One of two veins that run upward at first in front, and subsequently on either side of the intestinal canal. They unite on the ventral aspect of the canal, and beyond this are connected to one another by two anastomotic branches, one on the dorsal, and the other on the ventral aspect of the duodenal portion of the intestine, which is thus encircled by two venous rings; into the middle or dorsal anastomosis the superior mesenteric vein opens. The portions of the veins above the upper ring become interrupted by the developing liver and broken up by it into a plexus of small capillary-like vessels termed sinusoids."
Stage Range: NF stage 35 and 36 to death
Marker Genes: cfd
Develops From:
Anatomy Item Stage Range
anterior ventral blood island NF stage 22 to NF stage 35 and 36
Develops Into:
Parent(s): anterior ventral blood island


Parent(s): vein (is_a) trunk vasculature (part_of)


References: NCBO BioPortal , Ontology Lookup Service